About Medifast

Our Promise To You

With Medifast, you work towards your weight-loss goals while learning how to eat healthier. Medifast Meals are formulated with protein and fiber and fortified with vitamins and minerals, so you can work toward your goals without losing out on essential nutrition.

When you choose Medifast, you get a healthy product along with the support of an unusually committed company. We are passionate about offering hope to those who yearn to be healthy but haven’t found the way. Obesity is both a physical and emotional problem, and any client who comes to us for help is always treated with dignity, care, and respect.

That passion and commitment also drives our dedication to creating superior products. Our team of professionals continually strive to evolve our product line, while maintaining the highest quality at a fair price.

We will meet you whenever you’re ready, wherever you are in your weight-loss journey. Medifast gives you the power to choose health, so you owe it to yourself to choose Medifast.